Each Steps Counts!!
E Certificates for all Participants

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Steps to Use the App:

  • User to Login with their Mobile Phones

  • A Code is generated

  • The Unique Number generated by the Server becomes their Identity Tag

  • Run/Walk can start at anytime.

  • The Total Target achieved would be on the server which would get updated in real time from all the Virtual Runners. (1000KM Distance Covered is 1KM RUN/WALK)

  • User will be provided with their Contribution Figure in the Run.

Sponsorship and Support


  • GOLD 25K & ABOVE


Associate & Contribute For The Cause!!

Pay Donation or Contribute to Support
15000 War Injured Veterans

For more information Email: iesecci.india@gmail.com

Run for FUN…. Worry LESS Run MORE…. Eat Sleep RUN REPEAT…..Run for LIFE!!!

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