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Background: We offer a relevant and practical education to give students the tools, training, and understanding required to be successful in the global marketplace. In addition to our full-time on-campus programs, our Blended Learning model, online studies combined with intensive, on-campus residencies, is led by instructors with real-world experience and features course materials created with the input of industry professionals.

Courses offered: Royal Roads University offers graduate and undergraduate programs in the areas of Business, Tourism and Hospitality, Communication and Culture, Education and Technology, Environment and Sustainability, Humanitarian Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Leadership Studies, and Professional and Continuing Studies, as well as English Language programs. For details, visit

Hybrid nature: One year Online learning from the comfort of your home, in your own country + one year residential On campus program

Placement: Education at Royal Roads University equips students with invaluable skills like collaborative international projects, internship with top-of-the line companies with a global footprint and customized training that makes students workplace-ready. Our partners, Veda Canada, are glad to assist with placement assistance after completion of education.

Your classmates: A happy combination of students from all over the world, all of whom are keen on building their career on a global platform.

Eligibility: English as a Secondary Language ESL: Not at level 5?

Work in Canada

Option 1: Calling skilled Indian professionals with work experience! IESECCI can facilitate a Study-Work Visa program for mid-career Indian professionals. Get assistance in placement with established Canadian companies on completion of a post graduate degree from a Canadian university. To know more about university and program options, click here

Option 2: Work in Canada with work visa and Immigration facilitation. This includes placement with a Canadian company, followed by Permanent Residency after 3 years of work. This covers all costs to do with Immigration, Verification, Work Visa, excluding India to Canada air ticket. All jobs have a starting salary of 40,000/- CAD p.a. Most jobs are in British Columbia Province, on the West coast of Canada.

Option 3: Work in Canada, not including immigration and work visa. This includes placement with a Canadian company, with online interview as the first round.

Option 4: Permanent Residency for investors and their families: By investing in BC-PNP nominee program. Invest in an existing Canadian business and your entire family can move with you. The lowest amount of investment is about 1,00,000/- CAD.The benefit is that the entire family gets provisional citizenship within 6 months and within 1 year final PR.

All above options necessitate an initial interview conducted online and verification of documents. All facilitation fees are to be paid as donation to our partner Jyotirgamay Foundation. All donations are tax-exempt under 80 G.

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Our partners in Canada

veda canada

The IESECCI Canada program is a veterans’ initiative, with a vision to enable and empower every skilled Indian professional to achieve his and her potential on a global platform. IESECCI is dedicated to the welfare of ex-servicemen, disabled soldiers and their widows. Therefore, all facilitation fees are to be treated as donation and are paid directly to Jyotirgamaya Foundation, associated with IESECCI and is treated as Donation with 80G Income Tax benefit.

Veda Canada is helmed by Judi Tyabji and Mathew Wilson. Judi is a prominent community spokesperson and a member of the Canadian parliament with a vision to bridging Canadan business with Indian talent and skilled workforce. Mathew is a key enabler to bringing Indian students to Canadian universities and placing skilled professionals in prominent Canadian companies. Veda Canada takes care of education and employment-related services like Admissions, Stay, Placement, Work visa and PR. For details, visit

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Management Team

Commander Angsuman Ojha Retd.
Commander Angsuman Ojha Retd.
Dedicated and resourceful Security & Safety Administration, Legal Management, HR Management and Crisis Management Professional, offering diverse experience of over 21 years in the areas of Security, Safety, Legal and HR Management in different capacities. Nearly 12 years continuous service as a Naval police specialist in various sensitive Defense organizations. Cdr. Ojha heads the Legal consultants of the IESECCI whilst being on the advisory of all the other aspects that the Chamber deals with . An excellent Security and Safety Professional with comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of Security & Safety Management, Legal Affairs pertaining to Security Services, Disaster Management. Result driven and focused individual with immaculate work habits, with unusua capability to transfer this knowledge in adult education environments.
Judeline (Judi) Tyabji
Judeline (Judi) TyabjiTitle
Tyabji is a business owner and management consultant, and provides services in Business Development, Strategy, Planning, Budgets, Communications, Media, Online Promotions, Marketing, Research, Policy, Writing, and other services for clients in the public and private sector.
Mathew G.R. Wilson
Mathew G.R. Wilson
Mathew Wilson is a highly driven and successful businessman who previously spent over fifteen years‎ in senior public service with the federal government. His work has given him a solid grounding in negotiation, partnership development, government operations at the local, provincial, and federal level.